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Report: Florida woman bilked sisters in car deal

A Florida woman turned herself in on a warrant last week to face charges of second-degree larceny in connection with the sale of a car to two Fairfielders that police said never took place.

Patricia Salazar de Romero, 38, of Orlando, Fla., was held on a $20,000 bond and scheduled to have been arraigned Dec. 5 in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Two local women, who are sisters, came to police headquarters in July to report that they had given Salazar de Romero a check for $13,500 to purchase a new car in Florida. One of the victims met Salazar de Romero during a trip to Florida in April, introduced by friends. Salazar de Romero said she was a licensed car dealer and could get the woman and her sister "a really good deal," according to the report. The check was cashed by Salazar de Romero and deposited in a Stratford bank.

The car, however, never materialized, and the sisters said Salazar de Romero kept giving them excuses over the next two months about why the car had not been delivered. Eventually, she stopped answering their calls, and when one of them returned to Florida and went to Salazar de Romero's home, she refused to answer the door, according to the report.