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Thursday, September 24 Local

Bridgeport’s Prospect House open for adults seeking shelter

BRIDGEPORT — The city’s Prospect House will be open until Saturday for any adults in need of shelter, the city announced Thursday.

Adults can seek refugee at the Prospect House at 392 Prospect St. starting Thursday.

While children are allowed at the Prospect House any time before 8 p.m., they are not permitted to remain there after that.

Anyone seeking shelter with children can call 211 for the nearest available place.

It was unclear what prompted the shelter availability, but weather forecasts for Thursday night and the coming days do show low temperatures — specifically Friday night.

Thursday night will be mostly cloudy and then gradually become clear in the overnight hours. The temperature will hover around 30 degree with a wind of 7 to 9 mph.

Friday there is a forecast for a high near 32 degrees, with wind chill values between 20 and 25 degrees and winds of 10 to 14 mph.

Friday night will be clear with a low around 11 degrees, with wind chill values between 5 and 10 degrees and winds between 7 and 9 mph.

Temperatures will shoot up to around 32 degrees Saturday, with wind chill values between 10 and 20 degrees. Saturday night will see a steady temperature around 28 degrees.

Tara O'Neill|Breaking News Reporter