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Thursday, March 22 News

$35K vandalism, thefts at house even include kitchen sink

Vandals who stripped a Black Rock Avenue home of valuables targeted everything, including the kitchen sink.

A real estate agent contacted police Tuesday to report ongoing vandalism and thefts -- an estimated total of about $35,000 -- that began at the vacant house about a month ago when the basement was flooded by two feet of water. After the water was shut off and drained, it was discovered that 90 percent of the copper piping was gone -- cut out right up to the water meter.

The home was foreclosed on earlier this year.

On March 9, more vandalism was found, police said, and even the kitchen sink was swiped.

Overall damage includes every window broken, damage to walls upstairs and downstairs, the glass fireplace doors smashed, deep scuff marks on the hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets smashed. Holes were also found in all of the interior doors.

According to the police report, neighbors said there often were cars in the driveway at night. One neighbor reported hearing someone rummaging through a trash bin outside the dwelling, but did not hear any windows shattering.