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Saturday, April 21 News

Construction worker suffers saw laceration on new Walgreens site

A construction worker was seriously injured Thursday morning after suffering a laceration from a saw on the Kings Highway site where a new Walgreens pharmacy is being built.

Officials said the worker -- a 53-year-old New Haven man whose identity was not released -- was using a motorized saw to cut a hole in a concrete storm drain on the property at Kings Highway and Jennings Road, where the I. Brown Bros. furniture store once stood, when the saw kicked back and cut him on the chest.

The laceration wound was described as serious, but not life-threatening, according to a preliminary report by officials.

The man was given emergency medical care at the scene and then transported to St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport for additional treatment.

The property has been cleared of the furniture store building and several adjoining structures, and a new Walgreens pharmacy will be built in their place.