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Thursday, April 26 News

Cops: Man posed as fake cop to star in security videos

A Farmingville, N.Y., man accused by police of posing as a New Haven police detective and demanding that stores give him their security videos of him "playing" that role, was arrested last week at the CVS, 961 Black Rock Turnpike.

After showing a genuine New Haven Police Department badge to the CVS manager on the evening of Feb. 20, police said George Brooks, 49, told the manager he was investigating a homicide and needed to get a copy of store's security video.

Brooks, however, wasn't behaving like a cop, the manager said, and was very disheveled. The manager said he would need to contact CVS corporate headquarters before releasing any videotape, and went into his office. At that point, Brooks walked around the counter and behind the cash registers, according to the report, and began banging on the manager's door.

As the manager called 911, Brooks left. He was stopped by police getting into the passenger seat of a white van with a logo, "Top Notch Construction," police said.

Brooks told police he needed the security video because he'd gotten ripped off by drug dealers in the parking lot, but that story also was not true, according to police.

The van's driver said Brooks has previously gone to other stores, also claiming to be a New Haven police detective and demanding security videotapes because "he gets off" while watching himself on the videos.

Police investigators said they subsequently discovered Brooks had been at a Shell Station in Watertown attempting to "interview" people in the parking lot about a homicide. He was able to get the gas station to turn over its security video, which had recorded him talking to people in the parking lot.

In Naugatuck, police said, Brooks went to a woman's front door and offered to clean the chimney for $40. She slammed the door on him, police said, but later approached the van. At that time, she said, Brooks identified himself as a New Haven police officer and displayed the stolen badge, police said.

Fairfield police seized the New Haven badge from Brooks when he was taken into custody.

Brooks was charged with impersonating a police officer and second-degree breach of peace. He was held on a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear March 3 in Bridgeport Superior Court.