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Friday, March 23 News

Cops: Man's pellet gun looked real

Arturo Icelo-Hernandez, 22, of Andover Street, Bridgeport, had a pellet gun that looked like real gun in his glove box when he was pulled over Wednesday afternoon on Commerce Drive, near the Bridgeport border, police said.

The officer stopped Icelo-Hernandez because the registration plate did not match the car. When Icelo-Hernandez reached into his glove box, he took out what appeared to be a black handgun that resembled a Glock. It lacked an orange piece on the end of the gun barrel to indicate it was not a real gun, as required by law, according to the report.

He was charged with weapons in a motor vehicle and carrying a facsimile firearm, along with misuse of a license plate, driving an unregistered motor vehicle and no insurance. The car was towed and Icelo-Hernandez was released on a promise to appear Aug. 14 in Bridgeport Superior Court.