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Friday, April 27 News

Cops probe cache of electronics seized in traffic stop

Police seized about a half-dozen GPS units, four laptops, a camera, flashlights and a gold ring, among other items when they stopped a car around 1:30 a.m. Thursday on Kings Highway East.

The car drew an officer's attention because of heavily tinted windows, police said. The officer began to follow the car, and at one point, the car, driven by 19-year-old Fadde Halabi, drifted onto the road's shoulder, according to the report. The officer stopped the car, and when he approached, smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana, police said, and he found a bag of marijuana in the vehicle.

Halabi's passenger, Miriam Crespo, 26, of Carroll Avenue in Bridgeport, told the officer the marijuana was hers and was issued an infraction for possession of marijuana, police said.

There were two GPS devices affixed to the car's windshield and a third GPS was found in the car, along with several flashlights and a Discover card in someone else's name, according to the report. A further search uncovered several backpacks filled with more GPS units, laptop computers and other electronics, including an iPod Nano in a bright-green case.

Halabi, whose address is unknown, told police he bought the items at tag sales, but could not explain why he had the Discover card. Police made several attempts to contact the credit card's owner, but were not successful. They also found a home address on one of the GPS units, but the Oldfield Road homeowner at that address said the unit was not his.

Police issued Halabi infractions for tinted windows and failure to drive right, and he was released.

Later Thursday morning, a Ridgeview Avenue resident reported their iPod in a bright-green case and a bluetooth charger were stolen from an unlocked car.

Police are continuing the investigation.