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Friday, March 23 News

DPW garage targeted in series of thefts, vandalism

Workers at the Department of Public Works garage report that batteries were removed or vandalized from vehicles in the DPW fleet and tool sets stolen overnight three times this week.

On Monday morning , two large industrial batteries, worth $240 each, were reported stolen from a pay loader, police said. The batteries were located a few hours later at a scrap metal yard in Bridgeport.

Vandalism to trucks' batteries was reported Tuesday morning, and then on Wednesday morning seven batteries, worth a total of $920, were missing along with $500 worth of tools taken from one of the vehicles.

The DPW garage itself was not entered, and the targeted vehicles -- trucks, wood chippers and vans -- were parked in the yard. All the gates to the yard were locked when employees left Tuesday night, and were still locked when they arrived for work Wednesday morning, according to the report.

The batteries are large and too heavy to be carried out by one person, police said.

The thefts remain under investigation.