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Tuesday, April 24 News

Dodging another snow 'bullet,' but not for long

The region was gilded by a light coating of snow late Sunday, but the latest snowfall scarcely seemed to make a dent in the the start of the work week early Monday.

Two storm systems that earlier had been forecast to coverge overnight and wallop the region with a nor'easter drubbing failed to materialize.

That, however, could change later in the week, the National Weather Service warns.

For the rest of today, the NWS says things will be relatively problem-free as temperatures rise from the early-morning teens to a daytime high of about 30 degrees. Skies also are expected to be sunny.

Nighttime temperatures will drop to the mid-teens, according to the forecast.

The outlook for Tuesday is pretty much the same during the day, but nighttime promises another frigid blast as temperatures fall to a low of about 10 degrees -- and wind gusts could make it feel as though it's a bone-chilling zero.

And Wednesday, while daytime looks to be clear, more snow is on the way overnight, the NWS predicts.

That storm is expected to continue throughout Thursday and into nighttime.

By Friday, there remains a chance of snow -- and perhaps rain -- as the temperature may rise to the mid-30s.

What the weather service is not doing -- at least so far -- is forecasting what the accumulations could be.

Stay tuned ...