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Thursday, September 24 News

Fairfield woman charged with assault on husband

FAIRFIELD — Monyck Beinstein, a 30-year-old Fairfield woman, was arrested on assault charges Wednesday after allegedly threatening and injuring her husband.

Beinstein’s husband reported that during an altercation on Stratfield Road, where his vehicle was disabled on the side of the roadway, Beinstein ran north on Stratfield Road yelling that she was going to destroy their residence. Beinstein allegedly scratched the victim’s face during the altercation.

Beinstein was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct. She was also issued an infraction for possession of under half an ounce of marijuana after a small quantity of the substance was allegedly found in her purse during a search.

She was released on $5,000 bond and appeared in court on Aug. 15. Full conditions of release were put in place, and the victim was advised of her release.