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Sunday, April 22 News

Fairfielders say goodbye to summer with Labor Day fun

Taking a break from their usual labors, the last holiday of summer was a time for many to savor some seasonal fun.

The three-day Labor Day holiday started on a particularly nice weather note Saturday, and locals took advantage with a range of outdoor activities from the beach to the golf course to tag sales.

Jim Foster and Jay Desmarteau were on an ambitious bike ride from their hometown of Westport through other coastal communities. "We were up at 5 to bike from Westport to Norwalk, back through Westport then through Fairfield and Bridgeport," Desmarteau said taking a break in Fairfield. "We're headed to the Blues, Views & BBQ Festival later."

Fairfielders Joan Goodman and Keith Goldsmith were out on their bikes as well, but taking a more leisurely approach. "We stop for all tag sales," said Goodman.

Sarah Figueroa was happy to get some time for a run. "I have two small kids so I jog for some peace and quiet," she said.

Friends Ed Ulatowski and Don Vidoli enjoyed a coffee on the steps of Bud's Deli on Reef Road. "I'm going to work for a half hour then will be looking at wedding venues for my daughter," said Vidoli. As for Ulatowski, he planned to cut his hedges.

Patrick and Summer Virnich went for a stroll with their son Jake, 2, and said they planned to spend part of the weekend at the beach.

Michael and Laurie Rubel, who started their Saturday at Penfield Beach, had a similar weekend plan: pool, friends, barbecue and Fantasy Football.

Lois Arena, who started the weekend by mowing her lawn Saturday, had more enjoyable activities planned later: "I'll do a little bit of everything -- gardening today; pool and shopping tomorrow," she said.