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Sunday, March 25 News

Letter: Dems distort facts on GOP's fiscal restraint

As the Republican Town Committee chairman, I have received numerous emails and messages of support encouraging Republican elected officials to stay the course and fight for fiscal responsibility in response to misleading letters written by local Democrats over the past few weeks.

Instead of presenting their ideas, our Democratic friends have chosen to harp on past votes and mislead people regarding the facts.

The facts speak for themselves. The Democratic first selectman proposed budgets over the past two years with combined increases of nearly 10 percent. Our elected Republicans said that was not acceptable. Republicans fought to find saving and proposed and passed substantial reductions in those increases. These were not "draconian cuts" (as multiple letters refer to them); they were reductions in spending increases.

Democrats want to lead people to believe that major cuts in services and education are going to result because Republicans decreased your tax INCREASE by $48 per household this year. Taxes and spending increased this year, and if failing to raise $48 more per household causes dramatic cuts in services and education, we have much bigger issues to worry about.

There is a clear difference between Republicans and Democrats locally. Democrats believe the only way to move forward is to tax and spend more. On the RTM, Democrats have fought nearly every reduction and presented none of their own. Republicans believe we owe it to the taxpayer to reform our government and consolidate costs. Unfortunately, until we take back the first selectman's office, we will continue with status-quo government and their proposed tax increases.

On the state level, the Democrats weekly letters would lead you to believe that Kim Fawcett should receive an award for her support of Gov. Molloy's budgets and bonding, which, for the record, have taken Connecticut's debt to record levels. The truth is Republican state Sen. John McKinney and Reps. Tony Hwang and Brenda Kupchick refuse to vote in favor of any budget or bonding that does not adequately address debt service. John, Tony and Brenda believe it is reckless and they voted "no" while providing viable alternatives that balance the needs of our state, as well as our growing debt problem. John, Tony and Brenda should be praised for saying enough is enough, challenging the status quo and insisting on a better way.

I encourage those interested in the future of our state and town to write about your ideas for handling the issues and challenges that lie ahead of us, such as managing our state's debt, common-core education, rebuilding the Penfield Beach pavilion, and high-density housing in Fairfield (just to name a few).

People are tired of reading politicians (and their followers) misleading, doomsday rants based on past votes. Our elected officials should spend their time telling the voters what they are going to do to address the issues of today and tomorrow. That would be a good use of time. The people of Fairfield deserve and expect a higher level of decorum and propriety.

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James Millington, chairman

Fairfield Republican Town Committee