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Tuesday, March 20 News

Letter: Himes critic wrong on constituent views

Letter writer Bob MacGuffie (June 20, "Himes must account for vote on Benghazi") declared that Congressman "Jim Himes ignored the interests of his constituents and cast a partisan vote against the formation of a House Select Committee on Benghazi." Mr. MacGuffie doesn't speak on behalf of the constituents of the 4th Congressional District, and his opinion that Congressman Himes ignored the interests of his constituents is merely speculation and wishful thinking. I'll grant you that Congressman Himes' vote was definitely not in sync with the opinions of some of his constituents but not most of them.

Congressman Himes cast the correct vote. I'd speculate that most of Congressman Himes' constituents don't feel that an eighth Congressional re-investigation into Benghazi is necessary, and are satisfied that the previous seven hearings thoroughly probed the tragedy.

I believe that if you took a poll of 4th Congressional District citizens, you'd find that most agree that the GOP is engaged in a politically motivated witch hunt, wasting time, to try and make a tragically mishandled fatal bureaucratic mess seem like a crime, and their latest act is nothing more than a brazen transparent stunt to throw red meat to their extreme right-wing base.

Even 63 percent of respondents to a poll -- by of all sources, FOX News -- say that Republicans are doing this for political gain, while a paltry 30 percent of respondents in the same poll think Republicans are really trying to get to the truth.

In November we'll find out in which direction most of Mr. Himes' constituents lean.

Richard Ross