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Wednesday, April 25 News

Letter: Reduce services in RTMers' districts

Representative Town Meeting member Jay Lipp, a District 1 Republican, recently wrote to constituents that "the RTM is given the final say on the budget because its members represent Fairfield's neighborhoods." And to be sure, there's a certain logic to that.

But let's take that logic a little further. Since those RTMers who voted to cut education, libraries and paving largely represent Districts 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10, perhaps the $500,000 in education cuts can come from Sherman, Mill Hill, Burr, and Dwight Elementary Schools. We could put off paving in those districts for a year and probably save more than $250,000.

Lastly there's a library in District 1 that could probably absorb a $75,000 cut without doing any harm to the locals.

What do you say?

Doug Jones