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Tuesday, March 20 News

Letter: Stratfield eyesore remains

The Ugly Centre (formally Stratfield Village) is going on 10 years since the then-first selectman and the Stratfield Village Association kept out a viable new business that wanted to serve the needs of Stratfield.

What is now left is an ugly, empty, big box with fogged windows, weeds and stray cars. It could have been a new building with a convenience section and health needs for an aging Stratfield population. The association only wanted "their own" to run a business on that location, and the corner is now a sad reminder of what could have been.

Still intact is the old gas station with a herd of old cars, a very old, large white storage shed with pipes poking out of the top, and a dilapidated wood shed staring at Stratfield Road. And of course at the other corner, the old Bridgeport-style strip mall with visual polution plastered on all the business windows. And the Stratfield Association said that this is the way they like it. Sad, very sad.

Leonard Theis