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Saturday, April 21 News

Letter: Value of learning lost on budget cutters

More than two months have passed since the Republican RTM majority voted to cut Fairfield's education budget. I'm still shaking my head with dismay and disappointment. While our kids enjoy their summer, parents are left to worry about how this latest cut will affect the quality of education in the Fairfield Public Schools.

As a mother of two and longtime Fairfield resident, I have watched with increasing concern as these cuts get deeper every year. It seems that each cut is to the bone, and yet we somehow come up with more cuts. Many would agree that education is the key to an enlightened society, so why don't our elected representatives place more value on adequately funding it?

For example, Kathryn Braun, Thomas McCarthy and Jeffrey Melaragno -- three out of five representatives in District 8, where I live -- voted for the reduction in the bipartisan budget approved by the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance. Our Republican state representatives from Fairfield followed suit in Hartford by supporting a budget calling for a $6 million reduction in education funding that helps support municipal budgets. Thankfully, the majority of Democratic and Republican legislators -- including state Rep. Kim Fawcett, D-133rd District -- voted to protect this funding.

Do you know how your representatives voted at the state and local level? It's important to have this information, and if you don't agree with the votes, make sure your voice is heard at the polls when the time comes. I know I will.

Lauren Bove