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Sunday, July 21 News

Letters to the Editor: Sometimes the freshest news is in letters to the editor

Sometimes the freshest news is in letters to the editor

To the editor:

Often, I find the local paper more refreshingly informative than it’s parent “city” paper, as I often read a late story in the daily that I’ve already read days before in my weekly, making the “daily” a catchall of the news, such is the costly act of publishing when all locals are just branches of the same plant.

However, my more locally informative read is the Fairfield Citizen.

And a good deal of pleasure and information, I find, comes from the “Letters to the editor,” which are frequently lengthy as often instructive.

For example, I thought the letter concerning children at the border might prove supportive of the effort to aid them, caught as they are in the personal plights of their young lives, a happenstance of Trump’s perverse machinations that are much supported by those officials pledged to defend and protect the country’s borders.

But unless I’m mistaken, the letter is a self-serving letter. If I’m mistakenly representing the sentiment of the letter, I ought to be corrected, but my reading of the letter seems more the sentiments of an advocacy and laudatory letter for one’s own enterprise.

On the other hand, the reading of another letter suggests at length the displeasure of another frequent letter writer whose dedication to curtailing unnecessary town expenditures is very much applauded.

I must say that the town has been generously responsive to those who wish to protect their rich investments in a new Riviera, lest they are reminded that once there was a sky-high dump in their mids, including an operative air defense system with airman to man it.

So, the gentleman writer makes a very good point in favor of financial efficiencies.

Gerard Coulombe


Thanks for passing gun ordinance

To the editor:

As a teenager and incoming sophomore at Roger Ludlowe High School, I would like to publicly thank RTM Rep. Nancy Lefkowitz for heading up the new gun ordinance in Fairfield.

It’s very scary when you hear all the shootings that happen every day. I am glad someone is trying to actually do something to make sure of safety in town.

I went to hear Ms. Lefkowitz speak at a rally after one of the most recent school shootings. I agree with what she said and really glad she and the RTM did something to make us safer in town. I also want to thank my mom Rep. Bove and all the RTM representatives for not voting politics but their conscience.

Sam Bove