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Saturday, March 24 News

Mini golf plan at Kings Hwy.-Villa intersection ruled subpar by TPZ

Near the point where Kings Highway East and Villa Avenue meet at a sharp triangle-shaped intersection, a host of commercial outlets are clustered, including a children's toy store, a supermarket, a gas station, a pharmacy and a bowling alley.

One thing that is not among the businesses near the busy intersection is a miniature golf course -- and that will continue to be the case after the Town Plan and Zoning Commission voted Tuesday to deny an application for such an attraction.

Giant Steps, 226 Kings Highway East, the toy store at the tip of the triangular intersection, asked the TPZ to grant a compliance permit that would allow installation of nine holes of miniature golf in the lawn area outside the store -- between the building and its white picket fence.

TPZ Vice Chairman Gerry Alessi recalled how he loved to "launch" golf balls when he was a kid, and envisioned the same thing would happen today, with golf balls hitting passing vehicles on streets bordering both sides of the property.

"Number one I don't think this," he said, "A -- is a permitted use, and B -- on this corner is very dangerous."

According to the application, mesh 6 inches high would be installed along the bottom of the fence to keep the golf balls on the property, a measure TPZ Chairman Matthew Wagner called "ridiculous."

Wagner said the mini golf plan is not related to the business, which is a retail toy store. Miniature golf, he said, is an amusement to attract customers, and agreed with Alessi that it is not a permitted use at that site.

The commission's vote to deny the compliance application was unanimous.