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Thursday, April 26 News

Report: Another senior targeted by driveway sealing scam

Police are investigating another complaint by an elderly resident about a man trying to perpetrate a driveway sealing scam.

Last week, a Suzanne Circle woman told police that a man came to her door, offering to seal her driveway for $20. When she said she wasn't interested, he initially left, according to the report.

The man, however, later returned and asked the woman if she could change a $100 bill. Again, she said no.

The man was driving a dark pickup truck, and police believe the report may be related to an incident April 26 on Veres Street. In that case, a man offered to seal an 82-year-old woman's driveway for $200, but later said the price was $4,000. He told the homeowner, however, that he would take $2,000, and the woman wrote him a check for the job.