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Wednesday, March 21 News

Report: Scammer sought check 'bounce back' for basketball camp

A Collingwood Avenue man came to police headquarters Wednesday afternoon to report an attempted scam.

The resident said he runs a basketball camp and a man named "Anthony Hamilton" asked to sign up for a week of one-on-one basketball instruction for his two sons. He was quoted a price of $800, but instead sent a check in the amount of $8,670. When the camp owner contacted Hamilton, the man told him to cash it and return the difference.

Suspecting a scam, the camp owner checked the name on the envelope in which the check was sent and, according to the police report, found it was the name of a registered sex offender in another state. He then went to police headquarters to report his concern, and while there, received another email from Hamilton, asking about his money.

Hamilton was then given the email address of a Fairfield police officer, but was not heard from again. The intended victim never deposited the check, nor did he send any money back to Hamilton.