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Tuesday, February 20 News

Theft of Jeep, attempt to swipe snowblower may be linked

Police suspect the theft of a Jeep and the attempted theft of a snowblower this week may be related.

A Jennings Road resident called police just after midnight Wednesday morning to report that two people attempted to steal his snowblower. He said he heard a noise in his driveway around 11 p.m., and when he looked out, he saw to individuals standing near a dark-colored SUV, his snowblower loaded in the back. He ran outside, but the suspects drove off.

The snowblower, however, fell out the back of the vehicle and into the street about 50 feet down the road. The homeowner retrieved the snowblower, and then contacted police about an hour later.

Later Wednesday, police received a call about 10 a.m. from a Dill Road resident reporting that his 2001 Jeep had been stolen overnight.

The incidents reported on Dill and Jennings roads are very close to each other.