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Saturday, April 21 News

Woman charged with DUI after collision

Kathleen Zioboro, 60, of Osborn Place, was charged with driving under the influence after she hit another car Saturday afternoon.

Zioboro was driving south on Hulls Highway, and was making a right turn onto the Post Road when she sideswiped a westbound car on the Post Road, according to the report. The westbound car had the green light, police said.

Zioboro told police she didn't remember a collision, and if she did hit anything, she thought it might have been a light pole, according to the report. Police said she appeared to be confused and her pupils were "pinpoints," according to the report. She denied drinking or taking any drugs, but failed field sobriety tests.

She was also charged with failure to obey a traffic signal and was released on a $50 bond. Zioboro is scheduled to appear April 29 in Bridgeport Superior Court.