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Tuesday, July 14 Police Reports

Driver safely escapes before fire engulfs truck on Route 8

A driver is lucky to be unharmed after his truck burst into flames on Route 8 in Naugatuck on Thursday night.

“The operator of the vehicle heard a ‘pop’ and the check engine light came on. Smoke then began spilling from underneath the hood,” Naugatuck police said.

“The operator quickly exited and created distance between himself and the vehicle. Connecticut State Police and the Naugatuck Fire Department both responded and the fire was under control within in 10 minutes.”

Cleanup took two hours due to gas, oil, and antifreeze that spilled out onto the highway.

“Luckily no one was injured during this incident,” police said.

“If ever a situation occurs to others, we urge you to act quickly and exit the vehicle, create distance and dial 911. The flammable equipment within the vehicle can explode under heavy heat and fire within minutes.

“We thank the public for their understanding with traffic delays and our friends Connecticut State Police for working quickly to open the roadway to minimize delays.”