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Thursday, September 24 Police Reports

Stamford judge asks for ex-manager’s rearrest in Greenwich larceny case

STAMFORD—A Stamford judge on Monday ordered the rearrest of a Stamford woman who pleaded guilty to stealing more than $100,000 from a Greenwich convenience store where she was the manager.

Judge Bruce Hudock ordered the arrest of Julienne Julmeus, 25, of Seaside Avenue, after she did not show up to court, where she was to present a plan to repay the owner of the convenience store.

Hudock forfeited the $50,000 court appearance bond that Julmeus posted following her September 2016 arrest on a first-degree larceny charge. He also ordered that Julmeus be held in lieu of a $150,000 court appearance bond for missing her Monday court date.

Greenwich police say Julmeus was stealing up to $17,000 per month from the Sheephill Mobil gas station on East Putnam Avenue. According to Julmeus, the money was being used to pay off her husband’s gambling debts and help her extended family in Haiti.

Her attorney, senior public defender Howard Ehring, said he was disappointed in the day’s outcome for his client.

“I was hopeful of her making partial restitution so we could avoid prison because she does have a child that is less than a year old,” Ehring said. “I think restitution would have gone a long way.”

Last July, Julmeus pleaded guilty to a first-degree larceny charge that can carry with it a 20-year jail sentence with the understanding that she would be given a chance to pay some of the debt back before being made to serve any time in jail.

Judge Gary White offered a 10-year suspended sentence and five years probation if she made restitution. White said Julmeus needed to establish a repayment plan by the time she returns to court.

“If you don’t do what you are supposed to do, I want you to know I will send you to jail,” he said. “Talk to your family, they should be willing to help you out. Talk to your friends. You need to start finding the money.”

According to police, Julmeus began working at the gas station as a cashier in 2014 and was later promoted to manager. White excoriated Julmeus for working her way up in the store only to betray the person who promoted her.

She was fired in late 2016 when management detected suspicious activities. Private investigators and an accountant were brought in by Greenwich Convenient Mart Inc., the store management, and police were notified.

After a lengthy investigation and audit, authorities concluded that Julmeus stole $106,061, according to her arrest affidavit. Authorities reviewed video footage from the store to track her activities with the cash machine and went through financial documents.


John Nickerson|Police and courts reporter